Baptisms & Weddings

The Parish of Belle Isle and Hunslet

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Christian Baptism (also called 'Christening') marks the beginning of a lifetime’s journey as a disciple of Christ.

It is a Sacrament – an outward symbol (washing with water) which demonstrates an inner reality (cleansing from sin and receiving the new life of Christ). People may be Baptised as adults or as children.

When children are Baptised their parents and godparents make promises for them:

-     to care for the children and pray for them

-     to bring them up in the Christian Faith

-     to set them an example of Christian living

-     to bring them to Church

When an adult is Baptised that person makes promises to live the Christian life and to worship with the Church community. Adult Baptism is celebrated with Confirmation and involves careful preparation and a commitment to the study of the Christian faith.

Who can be Baptised at Saint John and Saint Barnabas?

If you feel that you can make these promises, and if you are resident in the Parish or are a regular member of Saint John and Saint Barnabas, we would be delighted to speak further with you about Baptism. Baptisms of children are usually held on Sundays at the Parish Mass, or on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

At least a couple of months notice is usually needed to make the preparations. Godparents must be Baptised Christians, and it is the duty of parents to ensure that they are suitable people who will be prepared to take on their responsibilities.

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Marriage in church offers a couple the opportunity to make their vows in the presence of God and his people, and to receive his blessing on their married life.

It is a Sacrament – an outward symbol (the joining of hands and the giving of rings) which demonstrates the inner reality of the union of a man and a woman in lifelong commitment to each other after having made vows in the presence of God and His Church.

Who can be married at Saint John and Saint Barnabas?

Although marriage in Church is a religious service it is also a legal ceremony and there are a number of legal rules concerning residency in the parish. Recently, the law changed to allow couples to marry in a Parish that either of them have lived in, or their parents or grandparents have lived in or where baptised or married in. In addition to this the Church of England allows for those who reside outside of the parish to get married in the Church in which they normally worship, that is, if they are 'members' of that Church.

Marriage Blessings

A Marriage Blessing is a service in which a couple who are already married give thanks for their marriage and pray for God’s blessing. This service may be celebrated after a Civil Ceremony (a Register Office Wedding), a ceremony that has been conducted abroad, or as part of an anniversary thanksgiving of a Church or Civil Marriage. 

Our Lady Queen of Apostles, pray for us!

Saint John & Saint Barnabas, pray for us!

Saint Andrew, Saint Jude, Saint Silas, Saint Oswald & Saint Chad, pray for us!

All Saints of England, pray for us!

Saint John and Saint Barnabas is the Parish Church of Belle Isle and Hunslet, an Anglican Church in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. The Parish of Belle Isle and Hunslet is a Parish of the Society under the care of the Bishop of Wakefield, Episcopal Visitor.